Case study: Berge Bulk

Prioritizing safety, efficiency 
and reliability

The challenge

Historically, Berge Bulk has always had an 
ad-hoc relationship with ABB.
This meant any unexpected breakdowns had 
the potential to cause reputational damage,
as well as increasing the total cost of ownership.
Plus, today’s electronic equipment is more complicated, making it more difficult for 
Berge Bulk’s employees to manage.

The solution

Our approach was to build a more collaborative, proactive relationship with the shipping company.
So we signed a Turbo LifeCycleCare agreement: 
a maintenance and service plan for Berge Bulk.
We would service all complex electronic components – 
a common feature of equipment today –
on turbochargers from 11 of its newest vessels.

The result

Thanks to the LifeCycleCare agreement,
our engineers are always available to lend their expertise whenever they’re needed.
Meaning Berge Bulk enjoys peace of mind 
and more budgetary control.
At a time when much of the marine industry
is experiencing intense upheaval, we’re helping 
this leading shipping company provide a reliable, 
safe and efficient service to its customers.

Forward-looking pricing makes things 
much easier. We know how many running hours we’re going to have next year, so the budgeting process is easier. 
And, we’re insuring ourselves against failures and drops in performance.

Berge Bulk

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