Case study: Great Eastern Shipping Company

Tekomar XPERT delivers 

The challenge

GESCO is India’s largest private sector shipping company. Like many large organizations, GESCO is
constantly driving to improve operational efficiency across its fleet. As their fleet expanded,
operational cost savings became even more important. Because of this, GESCO wanted monitoring
software that could help them analyze engine performance and achieve better-running engines.

However, with many ordinary monitoring systems when there is an issue, engine makers often
require further data at specified loads to isolate the cause of an engine problem. This leads to further
delay in resolving issues.

The solution

Tekomar XPERT cut the cost and time needed to identify the cause of engine problems. It identifies
root causes of engine performance deviations automatically during normal operation, minimizing
delay and facilitating rapid corrective action.
Additionally. the tool also simplifies the task of GESCO’s performance management department,
which analyses engine data from all vessels and compiles submissions for the EU’s Monitoring,
Reporting and Verification regulation and IMO’s Data Collection System for carbon emissions.

In parallel to the technology, the team at ABB Turbocharging also provided GESCO with ‘by your side’
support. This ensured the recommended actions were prioritized and executed.

The result

Tekomar XPERT was a game changer for GESCO and led to genuine productivity savings for the
superintendent and an improved bottom line for GESCO shipping.

Tekomar XPERT has now been rolled out across all 46 vessels in the GESCO shipping fleet which has
created substantial operational expense savings.

Our fleet has been growing and we wanted monitoring software that could help to analyze engine performance and guide us to better-running engines.

Anjan Kumar Sahu
Head of Technical, Great Eastern Shipping Company

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