Case study: Seanergy Maritime

Smart investments enabled by data insights ensuring high performance and reliable services

The challenge

Assist Seanergy Maritime in maintaining repeated and long-term business with its customers generating considerable trust. Company should stay in compliance with all new regulations around the world, look after all the technology required to keep the fleet in motion and implement pioneering ways to manage its vessels as efficiently as it gets.

The solution

The Turbo MarineCare service agreement Seanergy provides financial predictability with fixed costs for all the turbocharger maintenance at drydocks; spare parts, labor, and repairs to wear and tear for all expected and unexpected damage (where the root cause is the turbocharger itself rather than external factors), and peace of mind through continuous warranty extending from one drydock to the next. ABB identifies which parts and service will be required at overhauls and takes responsibility for shipping of parts ahead of drydocking and carrying out the service.

The result

Turbo MarineCare — helps ensure continued, reliable performance, but more importantly removes a sophisticated piece of machinery from the items a Chief Technical Officer needs to worry about: “Because these are such large vessels, travelling such long distances, the most important part of the job is to have proactive maintenance and foresee each and every issue that could potentially arise during operations” says Chief Technical Officer, Stelios Psillakis.
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ABB are the experts when it comes to turbochargers. By sharing the relevant data from the ships to them, they do the following up, they do the monitoring. And we have an extensive 5-year warranty, which is perfect for us, especially since it also covers normal wear and tear that may result in turbocharger failures.

Chief Technical Officer of Seanergy Maritime

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