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Saving time and fuel matter more every day – and digitalization, connectivity and data control bring the insights that make them possible. We’ll support you with digital solutions to increase your productivity, improve your safety, and lower costs in countless ways.
Discover the tools that can make them work for you.

ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT

ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT is an engine performance diagnostics and advisory software that accurately evaluates engine performance, quantifies deviations and potential fuel savings. With this information, the inherent intelligence of the software advises you on corrective measures to take in order to return your engine to optimum performance, saving you up to three tons of fuel per vessel, per day.


TurboAid – Every millimetre counts

TurboAid – The uniquely practical tool to help you make the most of your turbocharger. The App features unique tools to help you maintain your turbocharger in optimum condition.



First dedicated turbocharger from ABB Turbocharging designed specifically for small bore medium-speed marine auxiliary diesel engine platforms with up to 2MW power output.



Smart data unlocks digital benefits from ABB

Oliver Riemenschneider, Managing Director at ABB Turbocharging, tells charge! about the company’s current achievements and future ambitions for digital transformation.

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Cristian Corotto
Global Head of Digital Customer Solutions

Your engines, made smarter
Digitalization delivers insight. Insight means efficient power.


How digitalization is transforming turbocharging

Customers get better value throughout their turbocharger lifecycle as ABB turns to digital technologies. The rapid advancement in digital technologies is transforming the way the world lives and does business.

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Kai Koch
Technical Sales Support
Tekomar XPERT

Data you can really use
Digital solutions by engineers, for engineers.


Getting the benefit from
ABB Turbocharging’s digitalization strategy

Cristian Corotto, Head of Digital Customer Solutions at ABB Turbocharging, explains how ABB’s digitalization strategy is opening up new opportunities for customers.

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Case Studies

Find out how we’re supporting our customers on their journeys towards digitalization and sustainability. Ready to see how Tekomar XPERT helped a bulk carrier fleet save 0.62 tons of fuel per day? Or how we helped a cruise line customer achieve 80% lower NOx emissions?

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ABB Turbocharging is an empowering brand that stands shoulder to shoulder with our customers as they face a world undergoing fundamental change.

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